Friday, April 24, 2009


This image is a map of a country
which is situated in the south of Asia sorrounded by two other countries named India and Burma.It's a country who has a blue sea by her side since she first opened her green two eyes.We call this country Sonar bangla(bengal of gold).But her surface isn't made of gold,then why do we call her sonar bangla?'Cos in this world we may sacrifice a lot for money or precious elements like gold.But there's rarely someone who would sactifice one's own life for those.And though our bangla isn't made of gold,we have sacrificed 700000 lives for her.So why can't we compare her with gold?I think we can even compare her with something that can't be compared with anything else in the earth.My heart says there is something which can make any one sacrificeing anything,even life.It's called love.And this love for our cuntry has inspired us to write a dictionary of blood named "SONAR BANGLA" in the year 1971.


  1. hey Shirsho!It's OLY!!!!
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